Retail data is only getting bigger

And standard exception based reporting is no longer enough. It’s time for a new solution. Utilize predictive analytics to move ahead of standard exception based reporting and capitalize on your big data.

Collect Data

Bring together data to create a profit hub at a fraction of the time and complexity of legacy approaches

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Get The Story

Let the pattern logic automatically identify the profit “story” you need to know from your data

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Take Action

Automated opportunities are delivered with associated best practices and tasks to ensure consistent execution

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Redefine reporting with a predictive solution...

that automatically identifies patterns in data collected from every area and level of your company. Isolate the specific points in your supply chain--stores, products, associates, policies, distribution routes, etc.—where you have opportunities to increase value. Calculate the specific financial value of each opportunity so you can prioritize them. Automatic delivers the relevant information to the right people along with best practice solutions on how to best seize the opportunity


Building blocks

Get in control with...

Bottom-Up Analytics that prevent you from missing opportunities in large sets of aggregated data by mining data at a granular level. Analytic Automation that enables you to redirect valuable man power to profitable activities by replacing the process of setting manual queries against data sets with a proactive, automated, action-based process. Process Management that ensures the right action is being pursued by the right people at the right time. Knowledge Management that provides a comprehensive set of policies, checklists, and best practices.