Drive Operational Execution

The Profitect DC Operations module enables you to understand the behavior of your delivery and receiving data. The module delivers quick, directed actions equipped with the necessary details to understand and impact the behavior of your stores’ back door interface.

Reduce Fraud

Leverage seal and GPS route discrepancies to identify fraud.

Ensure On-Time Delivery

Reduce in-transit time and improve productivity.

Greater Accuracy

Maximize data to improve receiving accuracy.

Use Cases

Profitect’s DC Operations module identifies the root cause of shrink loss often attributed to stores. With Profitect analyzing product and carton movement from the warehouse into the store, patterns identify where loss is most prevalent in that portion of the supply chain. This focuses your teams on where shrink can be resolved.

Profitect’s pattern engine showcases anomalies that occur when the same driver and receiver are scheduled together such as seal discrepancies, missing cartons, or product shortages. Profitect directs the appropriate personnel to take actions to investigate and move quickly.

Profitect identifies when ineffective delivery routes are taken by analyzing delivery times and logistics costs. Profitect’s DC Operations module recommends actions to take when a better route is found from other drivers to help ensure greater on-time delivery.

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Improve D&R Performance

Profitect’s DC Operations module ensures greater long-term success by comparing incoming D&R data with customizable benchmarks and statistical metrics from the delivery acknowledgement to the driver and carton level. The D&R module analyzes data patterns with key performance indicators (KPIs) such as on-time and complete delivery, fraud, collusion, seal compliance, and reverse logistics execution to identify opportunities that require timely actions.

Areas Profitect Analyzes

  • Store receiving transactions
  • DSD receipts
  • Warehouse and third party deliveries
  • Transfers
  • Return to vendors
  • Receiving claims
  • Seal compliance

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