Improve Shipping and Warehousing Operations

The Profitect Logistics module identifies untapped growth and profit opportunities by delivering quick, directed actions that can improve the behavior of your warehouse operations. Prescriptive actions enable you to detect and correct non-compliance before it impacts your growth potential or your bottom line.

Increase Shipment Accuracy

Use data to facilitate tracking.

Reduce Equipment Downtime

Use data to enable analysis and results.

Improve Operator Productivity

Deliver productivity & ROI with continuous action.

Use Cases

Profitect’s Logistics module analyzes velocity of product movement to identify opportunities where cross-dock processing would be most efficient. This eliminates storage costs and potential damage or loss by over-processing, over-handling, repacking, etc.

Profitect analyzes human capital and equipment utilization to identify classic elements of waste in the supply chain process such as over-processing, transporting, waiting, movement, excess inventory, and the defects that may be caused due to underutilization and underperformance.

At the earliest stage of inventory, Profitect’s Logistics module highlights any discrepancies caused by human error, location inaccuracy (slotting), and product misplacement. This prevents canceling of orders or labor inefficiencies, reducing negative impact on in-stocks, non-compliance of on time shipment complete, etc.

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Advance Performance & Accuracy

Profitect’s Logistics module automatically analyzes data patterns among pick rate and accuracy, equipment and associate productivity, and order backlog to identify opportunities for action. The module compares incoming logistics data with configurable benchmarks and statistical metrics from the equipment, location, and carton level and provides guided actions to help improve overall logistics performance and accuracy. In turn, improving on time shipment complete, fill rate and efficiencies.

Areas Profitect Analyzes

  • Supplier and product of shipments
  • Store receipts & claims
  • Warehouse adjustments – inventory, slotting etc.
  • Order fulfillment; picks
  • Equipment and driver utilization
  • Damage/waste
  • Return to suppliers
  • Receiving claims

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