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The Profitect Mobile Field Application is designed for the person on the move. It enables retailers and CPG companies at all levels (head office, district managers, store managers, and store employees) to understand the behavior of each store’s data in real-time. The application helps you drive compliance, allowing for profit opportunities to be monitored in real-time, while on the sales floor.

Easily Track Performance

Monitor performance of stores, programs, and individuals.

Remove False Positives

Guided actions focus store employees on real issues.

Leverage Customer Data

View customer feedback in real-time with social ratings.

Use Cases

Store visits are simplified with the ability to capture notes, images, and videos and attach them to an opportunity for further investigation. The Mobile Field Application makes it easy to capture information that can be analyzed and measured as metadata, and geolocation helps you plan your visits more efficiently.

Mobile Field Application users can see all occurrences within their responsibility from a Profitect generated opportunity, as well as any tasks assigned to them. Profitect also integrates internal and external social feeds for full transparency and easy to understand actions.

Marriage of Qualitative and Quantitative Information

In addition to having dynamically changing KPI’s and the ability to quickly see top priority stores, products, associates, etc., Profitect marries the quantitative data with the qualitative in the form of online reviews directly within the Mobile Field Application. This enables visibility of performance alongside customer feedback in a single unified view.

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Real-Time Field Analysis

Profitect’s Mobile Field App helps users see the opportunities relevant to them through an inbox and a timeline for the activities relating to their accounts and products. This is illustrated via KPI’s, a weighted scorecard, and view of highest priority product/stores. Store visits are made easy with the ability to capture notes, images, and videos and attach them to an opportunity for further investigation, while geolocation data helps you plan your visits more efficiently.

Areas Profitect Analyzes

  • Searches, Views, and Edits opportunities and visits in an intuitive Inbox
  • Displays any custom attribute available for a store
  • Displays social rating for stores including comments
  • Scans barcode and get detailed, real-time, product information (including KPI’s) in that store
  • Audits checklists that allow you to quickly capture PASS\FAIL with comments
  • Follows individual Stores or Cashiers to collect evidence over time and tracks on a daily basis

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