Do you really want to be an AVERAGE company?

Simply put, the complexity of retail is accelerating. With thousands of stores and millions of products being purchased by even more consumers through a variety of channels, the scale of retail gets bigger every day. With data being created so quickly, in huge volumes, it makes finding the value hard to do. To compensate, companies aggregate and visualize data, creating generalization, which results in missed opportunities.

"Business as usual" should be fact based, not a "gut feel"

As retailers make decisions based on facts, not by instincts, the true drivers impacting financial performance can be realized. Being able to store lots of data is the easy part, the ability to reach appropriate business decisions and act swiftly is the challenge.

Do you know, what you don't know?

  • What stores have promotional stock in the backroom, instead of on the sales floor?
  • What products are being shipped to stores, but not being sold?
  • What bulk products are being sold as single units?
  • What vendors are pushing products to your stores you no longer sell?
  • What coupons are losing you money?Which associates are abusing coupons and promotions?
  • What new products have high rates of return because of quality?
  • What stores are running out of high selling products?
  • What associates are not compliant with policies & procedures?
  • Which drivers are impacting distribution routes?
  • What products in which stores are being damaged instead of returned to vendor?

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How can you get answers to all those questions and more?

Big Data in Small BytesTM

Big data in small bytesTM allows you to identify product, store, and associate opportunities that impact sales, profitability, and inventory. It translates findings from your big data into timely, detailed, and guided action items--making your data actionable.

Collect Data

Bring together data to create a profit hub at a fraction of the time and complexity of legacy approaches

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Get The Story

Let the pattern logic automatically identify the profit “story” you need to know from your data

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Take Action

Automated opportunity delivery with associated best practices and tasks ensures consistent execution

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Components of a Pattern

Entity IconEntityBenchmark IconBenchmarkRules iconConditionTrends iconTrendFrequency IconFrequencyPattern iconCorrelationValue IconValue

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Actionable Insight

Actions come from processing ‘big data’ at a granular level to create an insightful story that will lead to timely actions and results. By delivering these insights with simple, customer specific best practice solutions on how to best leverage the opportunity, impact can be made. These three keys to success--timely, detailed, and guided--bring out the real value in your actionable data by coming together to make the opportunity easy identify and resolve.


Each opportunity needs to be created in a timely fashion and sent as close as possible to the time it occurred and/or was identified.


Each opportunity needs as much detail as possible to focus actions, creating efficient and effective “value visits”.


Guided opportunities are sent to the person able to take the correct actions with best practices indicating what actions to take and how to perform them.