About Us

Profitect leverages existing big data investments to identify, resolve, and measure opportunities for improvement by delivering Actionable Prescriptive Analytics to the right person, at the right time.

Capitalize on Profit Opportunities. Amplify Your Profits Today.

Our Motivation

Help retailers increase SSS and profitability by delivering descriptive insights to the right associate with best practice recommendations for taking actions. These insights are timely, detailed, and guided, ensuring accountability and quick financial benefits.

Benefits of Profit Amplification

Automates and improves what is typically a repetitive, manual, inefficient, and paper intensive process into an action and resolution focused solution.

Action Oriented

  • Delivers complete, valid, actionable, and prioritized opportunities directly to the associate who can best take action
  • Improves accountability and results with integrated task management, customizable best practices, history, and comments
  • Reduces time spent investigating false positives with intelligent patterns, integrated benchmarks, trends, correlations, and conditions

Efficient and Effective

  • Automates the analytic processes so that you don’t need to look for the same issues month after month
  • Frees up analysts to look for the ‘next’ issue instead of researching what happened in the past
  • Delivers big data in small actionable bites
  • Provides visibility to future performance through ranking, benchmarking and trend analysis

ROI Assurance

  • Productivity and accountability features ensure the solution delivers results
  • Tracks effectiveness and value of profit opportunity resolution