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Lift sales & understand baskets

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On-shelf availability & promotion execution

Inventory Optimization

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Loss Prevention

Impact total retail loss by decreasing occurrences of internal and external fraud leading to lower shrink, increased sales, and faster case-resolution rates.

Store Operations

Improve store performance and customer service by ensuring inventory availability, vendor compliance, and optimize markdowns. Decrease labor costs, waste, and damage.


Increase basket size, improve customer experience, improve bounce backs, and drive loyalty by targeting customers with the greatest spending potential to realize ROI quickly.


Drive enterprise profitability performance by eliminating margin reducing activities. Improve inventory turn and labor productivity, sales audit performance, and more.  


Achieve greater in-stock position and productivity. Identify buying opportunities and risks, optimize and localize assortments, and drive promotional strategy alignment.

Planning & Allocation

Reduce cost to serve by improving forecast accuracy and sell through. Quickly react to cement products to maximize margins. Increase availability at the point of consumption.

Supply Chain

Drive efficiency and cost to serve by improving the flow of merchandise throughout the supply chain and ensuring the right products are in the right locations at the right time to satisfy demand and reduce labor costs.


Enable business efficiency and effectiveness by replacing reports with outputs and actions that generate ROI and accountability.

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The Profitect Edge

Profitect customers realize a minimum of a 2-5% increase in sales, better consumer experience, 10-15% basis point margin improvement, and labor productivity improvement within 6 months. Learn why innovative retailers around the world turn to Profitect as the market-leading prescriptive analytics solution to empower their employees to deliver stellar results.

Prescriptive Analytics Differentiators

  1. Fastest implementation in the industry reduces risk and increases time to value
  2. Minimal IT involvement
  3. 98% true positive actions finding fraud, compliance, system, and training gaps
  4. Smart task management, accountability into workflow, engagement, and value generation
  5. Empower resources throughout the company via unlimited user model
  6. SaaS solution integrates seamlessly with other systems

Prescriptive Analytics Benefits

  1. Up and running in weeks means instant Return on Investment (ROI) for your organization
  2. Reallocate IT resources to focus on supporting in-house/homegrown systems
  3. Less time “chasing ghosts” means employees working more efficiently
  4. Creates a closed prescriptive learning loop, ensuring the right opportunities are acted on at the right time
  5. One version of the truth
  6. No need to rip and replace, leverage/augment existing technology

Actionable Analytics Software

Profitect’s patented solution modules use machine learning and pattern detection to deliver a simple message to employees that describes what happened, what could happen, and how to fix it so they can take action anytime, anywhere with no IT or data science involvement.

Up and Running in a Matter of Days

Unlike other retail analytics, Profitect is up and running in a matter of days and we have users at every level in the system. We take your data, run it through our patented algorithms, and get you to work on prescribing actions you can take today in record time!

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