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Prescriptive Analytics For Retail & CPG Companies

Cloud-Based Data Solutions Software Powered By Machine Learning.


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Lift sales & understand baskets

Sales & EBR 



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On-shelf availability & promotion execution

Inventory Optimization

AI and cognitive computing can, at present, reasonably be considered the ultimate prescriptive analytics

Artificial intelligence in retail

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A Pragmatic Approach to Artificial Intelligence

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Actionable Analytics

Automated analytics are tied directly to corrective actions. Look up from the reports and ensure everyone sees data the same way.

Prescriptive Analytics

Better Visibility

Discover, store, and share new patterns with your colleagues and staff. Let them see the insights you’ve found.

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Instant Accountability

Improve accountability by sending timely prescribed actions to the right person and track opportunities from creation to resolution.

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Prescriptive analytics can help retailers respond faster to many of the common mistakes outlined in this ebook.

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5 Common Mistakes Retailers Make That Cost Them Sales

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Make Your Data Actionable

Profitect’s patented solution modules use machine learning and pattern detection to deliver a simple message to employees that describes what happened, what could happen, and how to fix it so they can take action anytime, anywhere with no IT or data science involvement.

Up and Running in a Matter of Days

Unlike other retail analytics, Profitect is up and running in a matter of days and we have users at every level in the system. We take your data, run it through our patented algorithms, and get you to work on prescribing actions you can take today in record time!