Understand & Act On Your Data

Prescriptive Analytics Empowers Your Employees To Deliver Stellar Results

Zebra Prescriptive Analytics (ZPA) prescribes actions in plain text using AI and machine learning. Our award-winning software automatically interprets your data to find valuable opportunities, alerting you in near-real time how to improve profits and margins.

Profitect was recently acquired by Zebra Technologies. Additional information about the acquisition can be found here.



64% to 93% inventory accuracy improvement in 6 months at national shoe retailer.

ZPA pinpointed scanning accuracy as root cause, and informed shipping & receiving managers to retrain their staff.

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16% revenue increase through greater basket size at a national beauty chain.

ZPA identified cashiers with high upselling rates, and directed their managers to schedule them with lower performers, for cross-training.

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19% waste decrease through better-targeted asset protection at an international grocer.

ZPA traced much of the waste to employee theft and markdown non-compliance, and directed Asset Protection to intervene.

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  • Loss Prevention
  • Store Operations
  • Supply Chain
  • IT

Loss Prevention

No more combing through a week’s worth of data points, trying to find evidence of loss. Identify and stop shrink, non-compliance, coupon abuse, and more in near-real time with Profitect's prescriptive actions! Reduce total retail loss, increase revenue, and improve performance.

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Analytics Without Action Is Hallucination.

Create Clarity In Your Business

Say goodbye to those mountains of complex, bias-prone reports. Profitect takes in billions of data points and prescribes actions for sales and margin improvement. Profitect’s prescriptive actions tell you exactly what is happening and exactly how to respond. Powerful smart tasks anyone can act on – no PhD required.

Expected Results:


Leading Retail Customers

“…after all the time and money spent implementing a solution, the passive nature of the reports delivered by most vendors leaves traditional business intelligence tools underutilized and undervalued”.

John Deane, CIO, ascena retail group

Up and Running in a Matter of Days

Unlike other retail analytics, Profitect is up and running in a matter of days and we have users at every level in the system. We take your data, run it through our algorithms, and get you to work on prescribing actions you can take today in record time!

Watch Designer Brands (formerly DSW) discuss how they went live with Profitect and started seeing results in three days!

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A Different Kind of Software Company

We improve or replace your current business intelligence and sales & EBR  (exception-based reporting) tools, working with all departments within retail. Instead of sending someone a report to analyze, just tell them what they should know and prescribe the actions they should take. It’s that simple. Profitect is a different type of software company.

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February 16-20, 2020, Düsseldorf, Germany

LINK 2020: The Retail Supply Chain Conference

February 23-26, 2020, Dallas, TX

Loss Prevention Foundation Learning Day

March 3, 2020, University of Cincinnati, OH

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