Profitect Achieves Record Momentum with 241 Percent Revenue Growth

Profitect Achieves Record Momentum with 241 Percent Revenue Growth

The prescriptive analytics leader continues to dominate the business intelligence and reporting industry through customer, talent acquisition and product recognition

WALTHAM, MA – July 19, 2016: Profitect Inc., the leading prescriptive analytics provider, today announced a 241 percent revenue growth year-over-year, demonstrating the increased demand for, and the advancement of, prescriptive analytics.

Surpassing market expectations, Profitect also increased bookings by 230 percent year-over-year, bringing on new customers across verticals within the CPG and retail industries exemplified by a rapidly growing customer base. New and existing customers also recognized Profitect at the RILA Conference earlier this year in Dallas. The company received a first place win for Innovation, as well as the ‘Retailers Choice’ award, highlighting the top-notch service, ease of use and ROI customers are gaining from the solution. Profitect was excited to be recognized for the discoveries being brought to market through their growing innovation team.

“As the leader of Profitect, I could not be more thrilled to share the success of the company, but also the increased attention and demand for prescriptive analytics holistically,” said Guy Yehiav, CEO of Profitect. “Having witnessed the evolution of the business intelligence industry for more than twenty years and speaking with companies striving to find solutions that are easy to use and that drive results, it’s exciting to be leading this revolution. I am proud of my team and the steps we are taking to help companies achieve the greatest level of profitability by democratizing analytical information through plain language throughout the enterprise. Helping our customers upgrading or replacing their BI and EBR systems.”

By growing the internal Profitect headcount by 140 percent, the company continues to place a strong emphasis on key hires and talent that will drive results. A key hire in particular, was the appointment of Bob Donald as the Vice President of Engineering. Profitect has also worked to amend the core benefits package, ensuring that the internal culture matches the company values. By offering unlimited vacation days and a healthy work life balance, the team continues to attract hires that are a strong, fit and strengthen the team.

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About Profitect
Since 2012, Profitect has helped companies leverage existing big data investments to identify, resolve, and measure opportunities for improvement by delivering actionable prescriptive analytics to the right person, at the right time.