Looking Forward to RILA Supply Chain Conference 2018

Looking Forward to RILA Supply Chain Conference 2018

The RILA Supply Chain Conference is right around the corner, so Profitect will be heading to Phoenix, Arizona from February 25-28. We’re looking forward to connecting with retail and CPG companies at booth #757 to discuss how our prescriptive analytics for supply chain management can not only help improve end-to-end visibility, but generate specific actions, to the movement of purchase orders, distributions/allocations, cartons, to drive greater efficiency and actions.

Real-life Supply Chain Success

Profitect CEO Guy Yehiav will co-present with Ulta Beauty Director Marie McWard. The two will discuss how the paradigm of reporting / visibility has changed within their retail organization by focusing on the actions needed to improve their supply chain. Ulta Beauty will discuss their evolution from reports to action-oriented prescriptive analytics. Leveraging Profitect’s solutions, Ulta Beauty is now able to act on the wealth of data that exists within their supply chain. Since working with Profitect, Ulta Beauty has improved their inventory accuracy, on-shelf availability, and delivered a better in-store experience. Marie will also discuss how Profitect helped Ulta Beauty identify outlying issues within their sales process and improve operations, visibility, and customer satisfaction.

Profitect & ULTA Beauty Share Their Supply Chain Successes
When: Monday, February 25 at 3-3:45 p.m. PT as part of the Inventory Management track

Event Predictions

The theme of the conference is Reinventing the Retail Supply Chain: Accelerating What’s Possible and there is bound to be forward-looking discussions of IoT, mobile technology, and most importantly, artificial intelligence. All of these technologies are developed with the goal of improving shopper experience whether online or in-store, improving challenges of inventory accuracy, and ultimately, how to empower retail supply chain associates.

“I have heard questions from customers and media about whether AI, data and even robots will eventually replace human employees in an effort to streamline operations,” said Guy. “The answer is no, retailers will always require the human touch for a great customer experience. However, by leveraging practical AI, retailers can take the data crunching and interruption off the plates of managers and empower their staff with actionable, practical tasks to improve supply chain operations. What those tasks look like vary based on the employee’s role and responsibilities, but more importantly, they don’t require a data science degree to interpret.”

This means every employee along the chain – from delivery to stocking to sales – can contribute to the improved success of the business by repeating positive actions and removing negative outliers. To learn more about Profitect, our customers, and the role prescriptive analytics can play in driving greater supply chain visibility and actionability, visit booth #757.