Prescriptive Analytics Software Eliminates Confusion Around Reports

Zebra Prescriptive Analytics takes your data, identifies opportunities, prescribes easy-to-understand actions, and leverages workflows and tasks to ensure the right actions are taken when needed.

Profitect was recently acquired by Zebra Technologies.  Information about additional capabilities can be found here.

Sales & EBR

Lift Sales & Prevent Fraud

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Turn Stock Data Into Profit

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Mobile Field Application

Real Time Monitoring

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Identify Profit Opportunities

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DC Operations

Take Action with Data

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Planning & Buying

Track Buyers & Vendors

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Understand Customer Data

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Create Profitable Prosperity

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What Is Prescriptive Analytics?

In this video, Profitect CEO, Guy Yehiav, explains prescriptive analytics and how practical AI benefits retailers by simplifying data analysis. Guy also shares key differentiators of Profitect’s prescriptive analytics software, as well as updates from NRF 2019.

Prescriptive Analytics Eradicates Report Failures

Profitect’s prescriptive analytics solutions tackles the standard six points of failure with reports:

  1. Did they get it and/or have time to open it?
  2. Did they understand the report (i.e. rows, columns, heat maps, graphs, etc.)?
  3. Did they get the needed insights out of it?
  4. Do they know how to fix it or what to do about it?
  5. Who owns the action and did they take action to fix it?
  6. What is the value of fixing the problem?

Instead, prescriptive analytics offers you deep insights into your data combined with descriptive insights and actionable takeaways, a way to track those actions, and the value in each opportunity identified. Learn why global retailers and CPG companies trust Profitect to deliver results.

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Minimal IT Involvement

Profitect requires little IT involvement. Once the data has been provided, Profitect’s award-winning prescriptive analytics solution is immediately available for displaying insights and analyzing information. The implementation process can be completed in days and our software-as-a-service model means you can access the solution from any internet connected device.

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Predict Shrink

Profitect’s shrink prediction capabilities leverage machine learning algorithms to cluster stores based on historical data and behaviors to provide an accurate view of current and future shrink. The solution identifies high-risk trending stores before they reach the point of critical mass – recommending appropriate, easy-to-understand actions for store managers and associates to take to prevent problems before they arise. With Profitect, retailers can report expected shrink and do more with less in terms of guiding teams because they will be focused on the right issues.

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