Leverage Customer Data

Zebra Prescriptive Analytics (ZPA) Marketing module analyzes the behavior of your customers, sales, and promotional activity data to deliver quick, directed actions. The actions are equipped with the necessary details to have an impact on the marketing efforts to increase basket size, traffic, and value.

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Increase Basket Size

Ensure more items per transaction.

Improve Customer Experience

Personalized approach improves interactions.

Drive Loyalty

More traffic and sales from your best customers.

Use Cases

Retail customer relationship management is more effective with Profitect. It identifies which customers are optimal for the next tier of the loyalty program. By targeting customers that have the greatest potential of spending with a higher tier of loyalty, Profitect leverages behavioral data analysis combined with machine learning and clustering, to prescribe actions on which customers you should be focused on driving into additional purchases to maintain that level of loyalty and/or improve it.

Profitect’s Marketing module reviews promotional execution by analyzing data such as advertising spend and promotion participation. Recommended actions measure which areas have effective participation with high advertising spend and which areas would see the most benefit from additional advertising focus by category, area, price, competition, etc.

With Profitect’s automatic clustering, households are grouped into specific behavior categories. When a specific household is about to drop out of their existing group, like a decline in visits, Profitect prescribes actions to prompt additional visits such as email campaigns and ads to those households with a specific message that would revert the trend and increase trips and loyalty.

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Predictive Marketing Analytics

Make Smarter Marketing Decisions

Profitect’s Marketing module uses automatic clustering and machine learning to compare your incoming marketing and loyalty data with customizable benchmarks at the consumer, product, and promotion level. The module helps you easily correlate spending habits with customer demographics, monitor promotion qualification, reach, and participation, quantify locations with low participation rates, as well as identify prime candidates for loyalty programs.

Profitect was recently acquired by Zebra Technologies.  Information about additional capabilities can be found here.

Leading Retail Customers

“…after all the time and money spent implementing a solution, the passive nature of the reports delivered by most vendors leaves traditional business intelligence tools underutilized and undervalued”.

John Deane, CIO, ascena retail group

Areas Profitect Analyzes

  • Promotional Sales
  • Basket Size
  • Coupon use
  • Type of loyalty card holder
  • Age group
  • Gender
  • Customer segments
  • Trade promotion management and execution
  • Products
  • Comparison customers with and without loyalty
  • Tokenized credit cards
  • Demographic information
  • Loyalty program data
Retail & CPG Analytics Prescriptive

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