Retailers use multiple business technologies and sources to hold and view data. Profitect is flexible and enables retailers to quickly pull together both structured and unstructured data into a cloud, closing the loop by creating visibility of the big picture as well as important details.


Profitect’s transformation engine intelligently transforms data. The Product Suite serves it to employees at every skill level so it can be accessed anytime, anywhere; transforming it into real value with no IT involvement. No more waiting months for IT to add new data sets, Profitect makes it available in days.


After data is added to the data warehouse/business intelligence Solution most retailers rely on analysts and programmers to create all reports needed to interpret it. Every person looking at those reports sees something different. Profitect’s proprietary Product Suite automatically analyzes your data and finds behavior patterns hidden in the low level information details, so organizations can quickly identify ways to increase sales and margins.

Profitect offers additional data warehouse capabilities through our recent acquisition by Zebra Technologies.  Information about additional capabilities can be found here.


Data is like oil, productive in the hands of the right individuals. Often, many struggle with getting the information they need to act. Rather than having employees sift through reports for information, Profitect resolves issues by using an integrated task management system, automatically sending out opportunities equipped with best practice solutions based on a company’s standard operating procedure to prompt immediate action. Additionally, Profitect integrates with a retailer’s existing task management to ensure there are no lapses in communication.


Most businesses excel in assigning tasks, but few do a good job ensuring action items are acknowledged and completed. The Profitect solution calculates the return on investment (ROI) for every opportunity, continuously monitors, and measures the outcome to ensure constant improvement and resolution of issues leading to increased profits.