Minimal IT Involvement

Profitect is light on your IT. It requires little IT involvement. Once the data has been provided, Profitect is immediately available for big data analytics tasks, including displaying insights and analyzing information.

Automatic Benchmarking Capabilities

Building off its predictive analytics roots, Profitect’s prescriptive analytics mines a retailer’s data and uses it to automatically calculate benchmarks. Retailers can also input their own benchmarks and KPIs based on company standard operating procedure.

Implementation in Days

Profitect prescriptive analytics product suite is up and running within days, allowing you to begin identifying areas of improvement faster.

Access Anywhere. Anytime.

Profitect’s software-as-a-service model over the web empowers IoT management, allowing users to access the solution from any internet connected device. The mobile field application allows field users access to Profitect’s prescriptive insights on the go. Field users can view all of their stores’ activities in real-time, on the sales floor.

Emphasis on “Push” vs. “Pull” Analytics

Profitect identifies opportunities and “pushes” correct actions to the right individual. Following actions all the way to resolution with our robust workflow management engine. No need to spend hours “pulling” data from multiple systems, correlating it, and generating reports. Get more done in less time.

Interact with Users at Every Level

Profitect allows registered users at any level to easily understand, interact, and act on the prescriptive insights provided.